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The guiding principle of driving a sports car, especially a sports car such as the Porsche, is neatness. This program will help you drive safer. It is also the perfect preparation for the Performance level. Under the guidance of experts, you will learn the basic principles of determining the correct trajectory for cornering and will be able to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Considerable attention in the program is paid to the potential danger of daily travel. Determining the correct speed and the ability to react as quickly as possible are particularly important factors here. You will find yourself in situations where you can sense what oversteer and understeer congestion means and how to handle them.

The instructors from the Porsche Experience Center Russia will be with you throughout the program, will be able to give you helpful advice and ultimately evaluate your progress. The main focus of the instructors is not on achieving high speeds for you, but on improving your driving skills. The end result is a hands-on sporty driving experience as well as an unforgettable experience with a Porsche.

Program objectives: effective driving and correct response in critical situations.

76 000 ₽ Price6 h Duration2 Participants per car2661 m Track length
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911 Carrera S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit251 - 238CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Carrera 4S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit253 - 239CO2EmissionUnit
  1. Registration and breakfast

  2. Briefing

  3. Driving part - 3 hours 45 minutes

    1. - Effective braking

    2. - Basic tracks principles

    3. - Various driving scenarios

    4. - Driving in oversteer and understeer conditions

    5. - Effective use of the vehicle stabilization system

    6. - Practical arrivals

Clients who are late for the briefing are not allowed to the programPassengers are not allowed to the programMaximum participants amount: 14
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PerformancePerfect preparation for the Master program
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