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This program is ideal for any Porsche fan who has successfully completed Precision. You can continue to hone your craft with other experienced members under the guidance of top notch professionals.

You already have extensive knowledge, and we don't need to tell you the basics. Instead, we can focus on showing you how to find the fastest trajectories on the course without the help of instructors. The intensity of the exercise helps you drive more confidently around and around.

Accurate and effective braking when entering the apex and choosing the correct steering angle are fundamental questions in practice. Within the framework of this program, the participant is given the opportunity to learn about all the ways to control a car on the race track. You will also discover how this can be done most effectively. In addition, we will provide you with theoretical and practical aspects that will allow you to learn all about the technical features of Porsche, in order to use the full potential of your car to the maximum effect.

Program objectives: to acquire basic skills in driving a Porsche car on the racetrack.

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81 000 ₽ Price6 h Duration1 Participants per car2661 m Track length
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911 Carrera S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit251 - 238CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Carrera 4S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit253 - 239CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Turbo S 12,3 - 12,0gasMileageUnit278 - 271CO2EmissionUnit
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Cayman GT4 11,1 - 11,1gasMileageUnit251 - 251CO2EmissionUnit
  1. Registration and breakfast

  2. Briefing

  3. Driving part duration: 3 hours 45 minutes

    1. - Effective use of all stabilization systems

    2. - Driving on slippery surfaces without stabilization systems

    3. - Skills to circle quickly and safely

    4. - Determination of alternative high-speed turn trajectories

    5. - Minimizing unwanted overhead

  4. Summing up and lunch

Clients who are late for the briefing are not allowed to the program Passengers are not allowed to the programMaximum participants amount: 9
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"Master" driving program
MasterFor driving professionals
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