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What's better than watching racing events?

Only participation in them. The best preparation for the Porsche Club Cup amateur racing championship is to complete the Master program organized by the Porsche Experience Center Russia.

This program offers the optimal combination of safe and sporty driving exercises.

The focus will be on selecting the correct braking points, cornering throttle control, safe overtaking and efficient standing start. Experienced instructors certified by Porsche AG will tell you all about the features of motorsport and show you how to apply them.

Want to take part?

First, complete the Master driving program.

120 000 ₽ Price7 h Duration1 Participants per car4070 m Track length
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911 Carrera S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit251 - 238CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Carrera 4S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit253 - 239CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Turbo S 12,3 - 12,0gasMileageUnit278 - 271CO2EmissionUnit
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911 GT3 13,0 - 13,0gasMileageUnit 294 - 294CO2EmissionUnit
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Cayman GT4 11,1 - 11,1gasMileageUnit251 - 251CO2EmissionUnit
  1. Registration and breakfast

  2. Briefing

  3. Driving part - 5 hours

    1. - Features of driving and car stabilization at high speeds

    2. - Effective use of the laws of physics in driving

    3. - Determination of alternative high-speed turn trajectories

    4. - Minimizing unwanted additional overloads

    5. - Running and standing start

    6. - Motorsport basics

    7. - Practical arrivals

  4. Summing up and lunch

Clients who are late for the briefing are not allowed to the programPassengers are not allowed to the programMaximum participants amount: 6
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