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The boundaries of the technical capabilities of cars, as a rule, are much wider than our own - only a few are able to come close to the limit, balance on it and go beyond it. This is not connected with the innate qualities of a person, or rather, not only with them, but with years of practice and honing skills, it is certainly connected.

One legendary racer once said: "Finding the right racing trajectory is easy - the car wants to go fast along it." But to understand under what conditions the car will go quickly and correctly is often possible only with a symbiosis of feelings and knowledge.

In this program, we sharpen the knowledge that customers already have on the Grand Prix configuration throughout the day with the aim of transforming it into an understanding of how a Porsche will drive on the level of feelings and sensations.

Program objectives: to acquire and optimize basic driving skills on the race track.

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86 000 ₽ Price6 h Duration1 Participants per car2661 m Track length
Porsche auto image
911 Carrera S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit251 - 238CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Carrera 4S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit253 - 239CO2EmissionUnit
Porsche auto image
911 Turbo S 12,3 - 12,0gasMileageUnit278 - 271CO2EmissionUnit
Porsche auto image
911 GT3 13,0 - 13,0gasMileageUnit 294 - 294CO2EmissionUnit
Porsche auto image
Cayman GT4 11,1 - 11,1gasMileageUnit251 - 251CO2EmissionUnit
  1. Registration and breakfast

  2. Briefing

  3. Driving part - 3 hours 45 minutes

    1. - Driving dynamics at high speeds

    2. - Smooth vehicle stabilization

    3. - Gas car control

    4. - Advanced circling skills

    5. - Determination of alternative high-speed turn trajectories

    6. - Minimizing unwanted overhead

    7. - Effective use of all stabilization systems

    8. - Practical rides

  4. Summing up and lunch

Clients who are late for the briefing are not allowed to the program Passengers are not allowed to the programMaximum participants amout: 6
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"Master S" driving program
Master SFor driving professionals
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