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Ice Experience

Do you love winter sports? And Porsche cars? Then go ahead!

Our winter programs will teach you how to control your Porsche on ice and snow. You will improve your driving skills in difficult conditions, of course, with the support of instructors from the Porsche Experience Center Russia.

76 000 ₽ Price6 h Duration2 Participants per car
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911 Carrera S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit251 - 238CO2EmissionUnit
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911 Carrera 4S 11,1 - 10,5gasMileageUnit253 - 239CO2EmissionUnit
  1. Registration and breakfast

  2. Briefing

  3. Driving part - 3 hours 45 minutes

    1. - Driving safety and dynamics

    2. - Effective braking

    3. - Effective change of direction on slippery surfaces

    4. - Using the vehicle stabilization system

    5. - Practical rides

  4. Summing up and lunch

Clients who are late for the briefing are not allowed to the program Passengers are not allowed to the programMaximum number of participants: 10
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Ice ForceFor winter sports lovers
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